Gym Floor

At the October 30, 2018 Mapleton School District Board Meeting, the School Board heard from several community members and reviewed community comments submitted through the website regarding replacing the gym floor logo.  After much discussion, it was decided that the School Board would put the issue out to a vote.  Anyone can cast their vote for the design they would prefer to see in the center of the Mapleton High School gym floor.

Votes may be cast two ways: on the form below or by coming to the HS office between 8am-4pm Monday through Thursday.  Voting closes at 4pm on Tuesday, November 13, 2018.

The gym floor design with the most votes will be approved at the November 14, 2018 Board Meeting starting at 6:00pm.

The choices being voted on are:

Images are renderings and may not be the exact design, however the goal is to keep Salty as close to the original design as possible.

Salty on the Gym Floor:
Current Salty the Sailor that is on the gym floor

“M” with Home of the Sailors on the Gym Floor with Salty on the Gym wall:
Text "Home of the Sailors" around a big letter M

The board has created a FAQ document below:


  1. Why are you refinishing the High School gym floor?
    1. By refinishing the floor, we can repair damaged flooring and install a vapor barrier to ensure the longevity of the gym floor.
  2. Why does this decision need to be made now?
    1. The gym floor is being replaced with Bond funds. All Bond fund expenditures have a deadline that we are working within.
  3. Why is Salty being removed from the gym floor?
    1. To refinish the gym floor, it must be sanded down to the original wood floor. That means all paint, court lines and center logo will be removed.
  4. Does removing Salty from the gym floor for the refinishing process mean that we are not the Sailors anymore?
    1. No, we will always be the Sailors!
  5. Why can’t we just put Salty back on the gym floor?
    1. We can.
  6. Why are we considering putting something different on the gym floor?
    1. As a School Board, we want to ensure everyone is represented.
    2. School Districts throughout the country have moved toward selecting images that are more inclusive of all protected classes.
    3. The Board is fiscally responsible for the significant costs of this project. We are concerned that additional expenses could result, should the legislature require us to remove Salty in the future, in order to shield protected classes. The board received advice from the Oregon School Board Association: “A mascot should not discriminate in any way or have the effect of favoring one protected class over another (the protected class could be race, gender, religion, disability, etc.). There have been several mascot-related issues in Oregon over the past few years.”
  7. Is the School Board trying to delete the history of Mapleton?
    1. No, as part of Mapleton, we are proud of the history of Mapleton and want to preserve it in the most responsible way. Both of the options for voting include preserving Salty’s presence in the gym.
  8. How have you received input from the community?
    1. First round of public comment was a two-week timeframe beginning in early October for design options to be submitted from anyone.
    2. Students were asked to indicate their favorite design.
    3. At the October 10, 2018 public board meeting, public comments were taken. As a result we held a second two-week public comment period.
    4. At the special October 30, 2018 public board meeting, all public comments were reviewed and additional public comments were heard.
    5. A third round of public comment, in the form of an official vote, is taking place until 4pm on November 13, 2018.
  9. Why are students eligible to vote?
    1. They are a part of our school community. Everyone should get an equal vote.
  10. Why are non-students eligible to vote?
    1. They are a part of our school community. Everyone should get an equal vote.
  11. Does my vote matter?
    1. Yes, the Board is committed to honoring the result of the vote.