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Mapleton High School

As you take a closer look into our clean, well-kept campus, you will find good things come in small packages. We offer an average class size of 12 from our caring and close-knit staff who knows each and every student. We have a solid curriculum with high expectations along with enriching electives such as art, computer technology, yearbook, oceanography, physics, chemistry, and principles of technology (electric cars). Our spirited student body actively supports the competitive athletic programs and is always ready for action. Every student has a chance to participate as there is something here for everyone.

Like many schools in our county, Mapleton High School operates on a four-day school week. Because of this, we have an extended school day: 8:10am-3:43pm. On most weeks, school operates Monday-Thursday. In order to meet seat time requirements, however, we sometimes have school on Fridays during weeks with holidays. Please see this year's academic calendar to see which Fridays school is in session.

High School Bell Schedule

Please be on time!

8:10 School Begins

8:10-9:08 1st period

9:08 Breakfast Break

9:13-10:11 2nd period

10:14-11:12 3rd period

11:15-12:13 4th period

12:13 Lunch Break

12:46-1:43 5th period

1:46-2:43 6th period

2:46-3:43 7th period

3:43 Dismissal

Note: By school policy, students may not have access to their
cellular devices excepting before school begins, during lunch break, and after dismissal.

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Please note that you will need a PDF reader (such as Acrobat Reader) to view these files.

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Online Grade Access

Mapleton High School and Middle School have provided access for students and parents to current grades via the web since 2007.

To view grades, use your username and password at the Home Access Center website. Choose the "Classes" button at the top of the screen to see posted scores for assignments. Select the "Full View" button at the upper-right and then scroll to the bottom of the scores to see the overall class grade.

There are accounts available for all students and parents. If you need assistance in setting up an account or have misplaced your username and/or password, please contact the high school office: 541.268.4322.

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MHS Yearbook

Order a yearbook today!

The sale of 2015-2016 annual began with student registration. Don't delay; order yours today! Also note that surplus books from past years are still available for sale. (Please contact the office.)

Did you know that it costs several thousand dollars to print yearbooks, even if you are printing a small quantity? Did you know that publishers require a certain minimum order of books, even if you have not sold that many? At Mapleton High School, we strive to keep the cost of the book feasible for most families. To make ends meet, we are dependent both on our district budget and advertisements from local businesses. If you would like to donate to the yearbook fund, place an ad, or buy one of our extra copies, please contact Mapleton High School at 541.268.4322.

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