Bell Schedules

*By school policy, students may not have access to their cellular devices except before school begins, during lunch break, and after dismissal.

Mapleton Elementary

8:10     School Begins
3:35     School is Released
*No supervision available until 8:00AM


Mapleton Middle/High School

8:05 Breakfast
8:15 1st period begins
9:51 PE bell
10:01 1st period ends
10:04-10:24 Environments/Homeroom
10:27 HS 2nd period/MS 2A begins
11:20 MS 2A ends
11:23 MS 2B begins
12:16 HS 2nd period/MS 2B ends
12:16-12:46 Lunch
12:50 3rd period begins
2:39 3rd period ends
2:42 4th period begins
3:43 4th period ends


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