May 2016 Bond

Mapleton School District is very excited about the passage of Senate Bill (SB) 447 (2015). This piece of legislation provides a great incentive for small communities, like Mapleton, Deadwood, and Swisshome, to invest in their schools by passing local bonds. With passage of a local bond the state provides a facility grant to a school district. Mapleton School District is eligible to receive $4 million in grant funding with passage of a local bond. Because of this incredible opportunity Mapleton School District is seeking a local bond in May 2016 to address our aging infrastructure. Mapleton High School (1948) and Mapleton Elementary (1957) have seen little improvement over their lifetimes. The district is looking to improve upon safety and to create a better learning environment for our students.

In order to improve our students’ educational experience we must provide facilities and technology that will support and optimize 21st century learning. We look forward to gathering input from our patrons at the following meetings:

6:00 PM Thursday February 18, 2016 Mapleton High School

6:00 PM Tuesday February 23, 2016 Deadwood Community Center

6:00 PM Thursday February 25, 2016 Swisshome Church

Please visit our General Bond FAQs page and Community FAQs page located under MAY 2016 BOND. The Community FAQs page are questions directly asked by our community members. If you have a question regarding financial information please email Maria McEldowney at If you have a question regarding education please email Jodi O’Mara at Please include “Bond Question” in your email subject line and try to keep questions as specific as possible. We will try to reply to your question(s) within three (3) business days.