Food Pickup Routes

Mapleton School District
Food & Supply Drop off Locations and Times
Monday-Wednesday = Food Delivery
Thursday = Food & Supply Delivery

Call the Elementary Office at 541-268-4471 with questions

Deadwood Route:
2:50-2:55 at Brickerville Pull Out 
3:00-3:05 at Swisshome Church
3:10-3:15 at Indiola Park
3:20-3:25 at Deadwood Post Office
3:27-3:30 at Lake Creek Mountain Road
3:45-3:50 at Deadwood Community Center
4:15-4:20 at Indian Creek/Thompson Creek Junction

In Town Route:
3:00-3:05 at Richardson Road by the tracks
3:25-3:30 at 11922 East Mapleton Road, Barrow’s House
3:35-3:37 at 11525 East Mapleton Road, Moffett’s House
3:45-3:47 at Lion’s Club
3:50-3:52 at Rice Road
4:00-4:02 at Sweet Creek/Hadsell Creek Pull Out
4:05-4:10 at High School Anchor

Supply Pick up Only for HS Anchor:  2:00-4:30pm at the HS Office