State Testing Board Resolution

We, the Mapleton Board of Education, given our responsibility to safeguard and guide the education of all Mapleton students, have been evaluating the appropriateness of the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium tests (SBAC) in our school community and have come to the conclusion, as follows.

WHEREAS, Mapleton School District is committed to educating all students, including focusing on their mental, emotional, physical, and social wellbeing; 

WHEREAS, students of all ages continue to be impacted from the loss of countless hours of instructional time due to the global pandemic; 

WHEREAS, state-mandated testing will require sacrificing hours of badly-needed instructional time for students; 

WHEREAS, the achievement gap has grown wider over the years of the pandemic; 

WHEREAS, state test results do not provide data or information that individual teachers can use to inform their instruction or identify areas for remediation among their students; 

WHEREAS, Mapleton schools have been administering valid and reliable formative tests throughout the school year, providing timely data that teachers use to provide multi-tiered systems of support and meet individual student needs; 

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED,  the Mapleton School District will administer the SBAC only to students who have submitted an opt-in form.  

Adopted date March 15, 2023