No Spray Zone

Lane County Public Works has sent the below letter for Parents.

Lane County Public Works maintains more than 1,400 miles of roads from the coast to the mountains. Part of keeping our roads safe is removing plants and trees that grow too close to the road in the right-of-way.
We remove most plants by hand or machine, but if there are areas where our machines can’t reach or it is too dangerous to have people in the roadway – like guardrails – we may use herbicides. This may also include the control of noxious weed species. All of the herbicides we use are reviewed and approved by the Lane County Public Health Advisory Committee.
As part of our commitment to being a good neighbor, we want to make sure parents have a voice in potential herbicide use near school bus stops. Please remember, this program is not associated with your school or school district. All questions or concerns should be directed to the county contact information listed below.
Bus Stop No Spray Areas
You can enroll your child’s bus stop into the No Spray Area program by filling out a short form. Once enrolled, we will use GPS to ensure there is 200 feet between your child’s bus stop and any herbicide use by Lane County. Bus stops can be at your driveway or a road intersection.
Who Can Apply
The No Spray Area program is only for Lane County residents not living within city limits.
• bus stops must be on county roads (in front of homes or at intersections)
• you must be a parent/guardian of a child who rides a school bus
How to Enroll
Please visit and follow the link for the No Spray Area application. Enrolled bus stops are valid until December 2023. When this period ends, you will receive a reminder letter to re-enroll.
Please visit our website to learn more about how Lane County maintains roads, including herbicide notifications and monthly reports.
You can also call 541-682-8521 to request a paper application.