Mapleton Middle/High School

10868 E. Mapleton Rd., Mapleton, OR  97453
Phone: 541-268-4322
Fax: 541-268-4632

Mapleton Middle/High School has approximately 70 Seventh through Twelfth Grade students. With our small enrollment comes the added benefit of having lower class sizes in each classroom.

We offer a solid curriculum with high expectations along with enriching electives such as art, computer technology, yearbook, and ultimate frisbee. Our spirited student body actively supports the competitive athletic programs and is always ready for action. Every student has a chance to participate as there is something here for everyone.

Mapleton Middle/High School is an AVID School.  AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination.  As an AVID School, we are raising student expectations and the rigor of our instruction.  Staff have worked hard to provide organizational structures for each student to ensure success for ALL students!

Mapleton Middle/High School students are encouraged to participate in school sports and after-school activities hosted by the Student Council throughout the year. We offer students the opportunity to compete in Football, Volleyball, Basketball, and Track & Field. Unlike many schools, Mapleton does not impose any athletic or “pay to play” fees. Additionally, our school district provides free breakfast and lunch to all students (no application required).

As always, if you have any questions or need additional information, please contact your child’s teacher or the School Office.