Preschool Survey

Mapleton School District

Community Preschool Information

Mapleton School District is currently in the process of seeking grant funding to start a Mapleton Community Preschool program. Our goal is to provide a full day preschool program for children between the ages of 3-5 that live in the Mapleton School District communities. The preschool program will be located on Mapleton School District property, on the elementary school campus.

It is our hope that the preschool program will increase student readiness for kindergarten, increase parent involvement with school, and provide extra learning opportunities for children.

In order to gather data to support our grant applications, we are asking families of children who are currently under 5 years of age, to fill out the below survey. All survey data collected will remain confidential and is only being collected for the purposes of grant writing.

We are currently in the beginning stages of developing the implementation plan for our preschool. The goal is to make Mapleton School District Community Preschool affordable for ALL families!

You can print out a copy of the notice and survey here.

Parent Survey

This information will not be made public. Use is for grant applications.

In an effort to determine the need for a preschool in the Mapleton Community, the Mapleton School District is gathering survey data in hopes of opening a preschool.

The Mapleton School District Community Preschool is an early education program for children ages 3-5. It will be a state certified, affordable, accessible, all day preschool program that provides high-quality early learning. Staff will be district employees and class size will be small. Curriculum will focus on intentional teaching, small group learning, individualized one-on-one opportunities, and development of language and social skills. Parent and community involvement will be integral, with parental education and increased involvement expected. High school interns are anticipated to work in the preschool, supporting the Career Technical Education program. The preschool will also address food insecurity for young children.